Zombies in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations
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Zombies in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

Zombies in our dreams can represent many things from a challenge of another persons ideas to the need to lighten up our mental energies and find more time for play. Read about the many different interpretations of what it means to dream of Zombies.

Most people think of Zombies as a creature of the walking dead, who has become that way through the attack of other Zombies which transforms them into a creature that becomes hungry for brains. However, there are many subtleties and reasons as to why a Zombie would enter a person's dream, so I have compiled a list of common interpretations that can help outline the meaning behind the experience.

Watching from Afar

This can mean a couple things. Let's say the dreamer is unnoticed and is watching a group of Zombies march across a landscape or city in search of something. They are observing something outside the self that is taking place. In their waking life this can represent something that is affecting a majority or large group of people and the  dreamer is waking up to see that something is taking place, that others yet don't see. For example, a legal policy or environmental hazard that is affecting the mental clarity and cognition of others in a negative way, yet they are still unaware; they are Zombified to the experience. This is a wake up call to the dreamer to pay close attention to what is taking place around them that is affecting their family or community.

This can also represent a situation that is still being pursued but no longer has life to it, like a financial investment or even family and relationship squabble that leaves all parties at an impasse. So with this message coming through in the dream, it would be good to know when to cut our losses rather than pursue it even further in which disappointment is a result.

Being that the dreamer is watching and not running from them or in danger of them, this can also show how something is affecting others more than the self. And it reminds us to take a look at how our actions, words and intentions are being heard or felt.

Being Chased or Attacked

When Zombies come for us and we find we are on the run or else we could be eaten and killed, this reminds us to see what positions and situations we have put ourselves in, in our waking lives. Where have we positioned ourselves to have to outrun the results of what we have put into manifest? Is it an "eat or be eaten" situation? This reminds the dreamer to heed caution and know when it's time to step away from a volatile situation before they are left to defend themselves even to the proverbial death. It may not be physical death, but it can be emotional, psychological or even the death of their good reputation.


Ah, the brains. Zombies are notoriously known to chase after living human beings for their brain. The brain represents intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. It also represents keen insights and the ability to solve complex problems or rationalize. So, if a Zombie is after the dreamer's brain, this is a significant message to the dreamer that their ideas, opinions and decisions can be in jeopardy among a census or vote of others. So, let's say the dreamer in real life is having to deliver a proposal to their boss, or is having to make changes to their relationship in order for it to remain sustainable and positive; it comes with a risk of rejection. This also can represent an undertone of hostility from the opposing side as a response to changes that are initiated.

Another way to interpret this is with gossip. One person knows something and another is in pursuit of that knowledge, hence, the Zombie in pursuit of the brain. What is it that others suspect the dreamer knows that they too need or want to know?


Yes at times Zombies enter our dreams and make us laugh. Whether they are clumsy, goofy looking or even so slow that we can run circles around them, it's a positive and light hearted message to remind us to not always take life so seriously. Sometimes we need to engage is things that disconnect the logical mind so we can give in to playtime and joyful simplicities. For someone who works far too many hours or someone who spends all days running errands and tending to children, this comes to remind us to balance our time more wisely and have a little playtime too.

Substance Use and Abuse

In some instances, Zombies appearing in our dreams come as a heads up and warning to maintain our physical health. For those who indulge a bit too much into chemical substances, this may come as a warning to slow things down a bit and take some time off from recreational drugs and alcohol. Also however, it can be a warning for those who are being over medicated by physicians and need to pay closer attention to their blood levels in response to the medications. Being the Zombie can represent the self in this situation but watching others as the Zombie can represent someone we're close to.


Sometimes also Zombies can represent disease or illnesses that affect overall health, cognition and mental function. Perhaps this can represent an autoimmune disease or something that affects the central nervous system. In this case, especially in recurring dreams, it's good to seek an overall health exam by a medical professional to reassure the dreamer they are in tip top shape.

As with all dreams, it's best to keep a journal and record what comes through because even if the details seem a bit confusing, there will come a time in which all things represented will make sense.

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Comments (7)

Another great piece. I've never had a dream like this, though!

Ranked #6 in Psychology

Thank you Michael :) I wish I could say the same thing though. Zombies roamed the halls of my dreams for years although it's been a while....

Just had a dream like this lastnight and I was thinking it was about drugs. I've been going through a lot trying to slow substance use down and trying not to drag other people down with me which my dream was about me and a group of friends I've been considering selling to, running from the infected zombies. After that i think abouI'm going to lay off. It was so epic and meaningful
I have recurring zombie dreams(nightmares) more often than I'd like to admit. The dreams themselves are pretty much always different. Some I'll be getting chased, some I'll be watching them, sometimes people I know will become zombies... sometimes I'm running through a horde with a cigar in my mouth and a machine gun on my hip. But most of the times I'm running for my life. They're often times quite graphic too. and quite detailed. picture being face to face with the most horrific zombie you can find on google images and seeing its decaying fleshy face inches away from yours. or being chased by hundreds or thousands of them. I've read this quote once and thought it had some merit: "Overall, a dream of a zombies indicates some level of feeling disconnected from others, or even from various aspects of your inner landscape."
I had this weird dream of smoking pot with my family and then every time I would pick up the joint a zombie or this weird creature from the ring would appear and I would run away from it in the dream. I dont understand this dream because I dont smoke weed anymore and I have my life back on track. Could it be just a reminder or stress overload?
What if I'm dreaming that I am one?
I dreamt last night about me and my girlfriend searching for a home after the zombie apocalypse. There were no lights anywhere, houses were torned off, and zombies could be seen in pale moonlight. We were having our backpacks and hiding our shadows we were looking for a place to hide. Finally we found a place. We searched it out for foood and zombies ofcourse. The house was safe, but time to time 1 or 2 zombie always had our door banging. We hav to keep the place noise proof and ourselves awake. In morning we could find some movements of humans which too were hiding but killing zombie for sport. We actually lived there for long, safe with other humans, but made some hating neighbours too. We always had to keep ourselves on check, if there comes a zombie, kill it or run. We have used several times both. So as mentioned earlier, we got food, we got neighbours, and me and my girlfriend were happy actually. She got pregnant. And i have to go out for hunt everyday. One day she was all alone, that notorious neighor came to our house, and attracted a horrified twisted up zombie who was pregnant. She kept the door open and forced my girlfriend to run for life. Then there was a red color suit terminator villain chasing her. And that neighbor laughing I havent seen anything, but evrtything was like my girlfriend died. I came back, i was the superman. I punched the red suit villain, and that neighbor. I was crying badly. Zombie dreams to me comes frequently. Very frequentlt. And they are very realisitic. Each tiny detail is very realisitic. What does it signify??