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Your Perception Creates Your Reality: Positive Versus Negative Thinking

Your thoughts are powerful. They can determine how happy or sad you are in life.

What you think creates your personal world. Your mind has the power to make your experiences meaningful, dull, enjoyable or sad. Most of all the way you think can help determine whether you get the very best from what life has to offer and recognize opportunities or let them pass you by unnoticed.

Many people feel that what happens to them is down to fate. They don’t understand how thinking differently could put them in the driving seat of their present and future. They don’t know that the way they think about the past can affect their vision of what lays ahead either.

Depending on your personal views, which may be determined by what you were bought up to believe and your experiences, you may know that you are in control of what happens to you, or fail to see that you are the creator of your life’s course.

Understanding the power of your thoughts goes one step further than simply knowing you can make or break your life. Seeing working hard equals better career prospects is one thing, but knowing visualizing being promoted and having a positive attitude can help you achieve your aims is another.

Your thoughts are extremely powerful. They determine how you perceive what you are experiencing. Watch this short film describing a true story which illustrates just how powerful thinking can be.

In the case above negative thinking affected a man so badly that he perished. Most people may not find negative thinking affords them such instant results; however thinking in a pessimistic way over a long period of time is known to result in physical and emotional problems.

When you are stressed and constantly go over anxieties cortisol is released into your system. The result can be that bone is breaks down and enters your blood stream. This can then lead to osteoporosis, a crippling bone disease.

Human beings spend a great deal of time worrying unnecessarily about things they can’t change or will never happen. The energy put into such thoughts results in negativity and illness. If people spent as long thinking positive and empowering thoughts as they did negative ones their chances of disease would be reduced, as their immune system wouldn’t be so badly affected. If they thought more positive than negative thoughts their wellness and joyfulness would increase greatly.

Your life is in your hands. You may not be able to prevent loved ones dying when it’s their time, or bumps along life’s highway, but how you think about experiences will make all the difference between the prevalence of either sadness or happiness.

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Comments (8)
Ranked #3 in Psychology

Well said and I fully agree. Reader's Digest did a survey some years ago that mentioned state of mine, attitude and how one copes with events of life as important in general health to a monumental degree.Out of votes so will promote your well composed info.

Great article. We can destroy ourselves with negative thinking simply because we are fearful of failure, if we believe that we are not good enough, as an example.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

yes negative thinking will destroy us

Excellent article and staying positive does help us cope with problems

Beautiful work here.

I noticed I project or predict how things will be. I was constantly worrying unnecessarily about things they can’t change or will never happen. Once I realized what I was doing and changed my thinking I stopped having anxiety and panic attacks. Vote Up

A very food article

This is such an accurate article. Excellent topic and well written. Voted up.