Why Do Some People Just Give Up On Life?
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Why Do Some People Just Give Up On Life?

The question is why do some people just give up on life? This can happen in a variety of different forms, whether people are taking drugs or alcohol, or they are unemployed, and not looking for work, or they can't be bothered making friends and socializing. There are many different ways people can give up.

Why do some people just give up on life? Is there something about their life that doesn't seem worth striving for? I will attempt to answer that question in this article, and give you an idea of why people decide to give up. 

First of all, life isn't easy, and some people have it a lot harder than others. For some people, giving up isn't an option, as you have to work hard just to survive, and so for them, giving up literally means death. 

That's true for anyone to some degree, although if you are in a country with a good welfare system, you may be able to live for a long time without doing very much at all. 

Sometimes people are depressed, or disillusioned with the world, and feel that they will never get what they want, so why bother. Sometimes this is due to a chemical imbalance, although it may also be due to environmental factors. 

What drives a person to strive hard to succeed in their chosen path? It's a combination of things, but it mostly comes down to instincts. Everyone has some basic instincts that drive them to do the things they do, like any animal. 

It depends on the person, but obviously the primary instincts are those to breathe, eat, drink and sleep, and then there is the urge to reproduce. 

Why Do People Give Up On Life?

Generally, people give up because they feel that no matter how hard they try, they can't get these simple things that drive every creature on earth, or that if they do get them, it wasn't worth the effort. 

In terms of money and things, none of that really matters, but money is a tool to get the basic necessities of life, and if you give up on trying to make money, then you are in a sense giving up on life. 

My father is a good example of this, or maybe a bad example. He had a good job as a television producer, but he didn't see it as a good job. 

It paid well, but he found it boring, or stressful. He therefore decided to quit that job, and since then, he has just been doing a few part time jobs like taxi driving, adult education lessons and things like that. 

I can totally understand why he thinks that money is not important, but he lives in my grandma's shed, and lives one week ahead of his welfare payments. 

If some sort of bill comes up, he has to ask his mother for a loan, and she won't be around forever. For me, it's understandable that he wants to take it easy in his retirement years, but someone of his age should have built a sizeable nest egg, or at least bought a house to live in. 

Some people work their whole lives, and due to the cost of rent or whatever, they end up retiring with nothing. They barely have enough money to buy food. 

Could this be one of the reasons why people just give up on life? If you see someone work their whole life, get married, have kids, get a car, a TV, and a self-cleaning dishwasher, and they still aren't happy or even rich, what incentive is there to do the same things?

Why do some people give up on life? Often it's because they don't actually have a dramatic pressing need to work to survive, and for other people, they give up because life is hard. 

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Comments (8)

Wow...this was so interesting to read! Sorry to hear this about your dad....but so many are in the same boat. This really inspires me to work smarter and to even be thankful to have a job. Personally, for me life is worth living! Thanks for posting. Voted

Well reasoned and nicely concluded article on the chosen topic.Thanks.

The lament of a child born in 1980: I am in the same position your Dad is in right now. Like him, I too have a son. I have no job. I gave up on working in 2006 (after trying since graduating highschool in 1999). Everytime I have attempted to hold a job, I got fired. So I gave up. I am now 32 and still live with my parents. I have never had my own place...not even an apartment. I went back to college in 2008. I am double majoring in geology and communication. I have a fairly high gpa, so I don't pay for school. However, I mostly went back to school to kill more time; essentially so that I don't have to go back to work (hence why I majored in both a science and the humanities). Over the years of rejection (by jobs and people) I have developed a social anxiety disorder that causes me to not function well around people in a work enviornment, or around new people. I do fine at school where I don't have a boss breathing down my neck and I can keep to myself. To make a long story short, I have had a pretty crappy life. I tried to join the Navy after 9/11 to help serve my country...I didn't even make it through bootcamp (hate being yelled at). My younger brother is getting married and I am supposed to be the best man...I am scared to death of the responsibility that comes with the title. My wife left me for someone else years ago. I was born with my guts hanging out (literally). I was the kid always picked last, I was the one who's friends left him behind when they all grew up. I was held back in the 4th grade because of all the social experiments going on when I was in in elementry school. I was diagnosed with A.D.D. and held back for being "hyper active," that was my reason....not for lack of intelligence. I wish I could have gotten to grow up with my original friends. I wish I would have gotton to grow up. Every time I tried someone or some circumstance pushed me back down. I don't have any accomplishments (other than school) under my belt. My greatest accomplishment I would guess is my son. He is everything that I am not. I am greatful for that. I don't command attention or respect when I walk into a room, I don't have a smooth and easy persona. I have not had a girlfriend since 2005. I have given up on that sort of thing as well. I don't have character. I don't have pride. I don't have hope. I just exist. That's it.    ...over the years I have actually become quite content with my situation. I know I was not destined for anything, so I don't do or expect anything except to sit and wait, get old and die.

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