What is Anxiety and How to Overcome It
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What is Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Mild and Moderate anxiety can be treated with out meds. But if you suffer from sever anxiety or you have panic attack the specialist may start you on medicine even before the cognitive treatment. Anxiety can be treated in a few sessions with a specialist and needs only patience and sometimes meds.

What is Anxiety and How to overcome it

Anxiety disorder is a disease that is caused by physical or emotional factors. But the good news is that, this disorder can be treated and it can be controlled. With that said, this article will teach you what is anxiety disorder, the levels of anxiety disorder and what are the latest treatments for it up to date.

Anxiety is a normal emotional reaction to stresses, when you are in danger and when you encounter a situation that you did not expect. This anxiety is needed as it motivates people to do better and increase the alertness and productivity also. That's why science calls it "the positive anxiety".  But Anxiety has other levels, and these levels if not treated, it can lead to other conditions such as depression and phobias, so you can learn what are the factors that arouse this anxiety and try to control it.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety, there are 10 signs and symptoms for anxiety :

Sweating, Palpitationm, Uncertainty, Frequently anxious, daily things in your life suddenly irritates your for no reason, Chest pain, Dizziness, Trembling, Hyperventilation, and Recurrent awful thoughts. You many have some or all of these symptoms.

Anxiety, There are levels for anxiety disorder, we will discuss each one separately and mention the signs and symptoms for each one of them.  

Mild anxiety disorder: this is caused by everyday life, such as pressure at work, preparing for interview and so on. This type of anxiety is good because it pushes you to learn to avoid doing mistakes and it motivates you, because this level of anxiety increases your alertness.  

Moderate anxiety disorder: this anxiety level will make it hard for you to concentrate on what you are doing, and may have palpitation but you will still be able to find a solution to the situation you're in.  

Sever anxiety disorder: this level of anxiety will make you feel as if you are crazy, you will not be able to concentrate and you will feel as if you are lost and your mind can not think any more. You will also have dizziness, hyperventilation and nausea.  

Panic attack : this is the last but not the least, it is worst level in anxiety, you will have sweating, palpitation, disoriented, try to do things or work in a very fast way thinking that will solve the problem, you will be so negative and so exhausted. This level of anxiety may happen suddenly and sometimes will happen after a mild anxiety.  

To treat your anxiety, you need to understand it first, and to do that you have to:

1- Write on a paper each time you have anxiety the reason that triggered it. Finding the reasons that lead to anxiety means that you have won the first bottle against anxiety.

2-Try to break your anxiety by reminding yourself that this is just a phase and it will go and will be fine soon. 

3- Do the things that make you happy and stop doing the things that make you anxious 

4- When you are have anxiety, leave that area. Being away from the place that you were anxious in, will send a message to your brain that you are away from stress and you are fine. 

5- Find a solution for each anxious situation you have been in (anxiety caused by normal situation or things so trust me that the solutions are normal things also) 4

6- Behavior and cognitive sciences are two ways to overcome anxiety. Cognitive therapy helped many people to control anxiety, but that is something you need to do it with a specialist and not on your own. The therapist is going to find the reasons for your disorder and teach you the things that can subside this anxiety

Mild and Moderate anxiety can be treated with out meds. But if you suffer from sever anxiety or you have panic attack the specialist may start you on medicine even before the cognitive treatment.  Anxiety can be treated in a few sessions with a specialist.

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