Turtles in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations
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Turtles in Dreams: Meanings and Interpretations

Dreaming of Turtles can represent how we're moving through life or owning one's personal power and keeping things in balance among many other things. Read more in depth information on what it means to dream of Turtles.

When a Turtle has arrived in your dream, there are many ways to interpret its presence. Listed below are common interpretations to understanding what it means to dream of Turtles. The below interpretations are mainly described with species of land Turtles.


At first glance, a Turtle appears to move slowly. And as they say, Slow and steady wins the race. When a Turtle appears in your dream and you take note of the speed to which it moves, ask yourself how quickly or slowly you are moving through a particular situation. Is the Turtle in danger because it is moving too slow? Is it moving faster than it would in nature? The timing of particular decisions or actions in life really makes a difference on whether or not it works out.

For example, are you entering a new relationship and things are moving too slow for you? Or how about the other way around, are things moving too fast and Turtle has come to remind you to go to your own pace? If so, you know your own timing best and if things appear to be too pushy or too sluggish, it's time to honor what you know you need to know on how you're moving towards a goal.

On the other hand, Turtle can appear in dreams to remind the dreamer to not be afraid to move forward, even if it's at a slow and steady pace. It's important to pay attention to details even if it takes longer than others because avoiding mistakes or pitfalls can mean the difference between a positive or negative result.


Turtle species carry their home on their back and are usually only tied to an area due to habitat like a pond. Although, even if a pond offers everything Turtle needs, it doesn't always stop him or her from needing to move on and explore. Turtles that get squished in the road aren't there because they stuck close to the water hole.

If Turtle is on the move in your dream, ask yourself if you're really where you want to be. Ask yourself how much you really need in life to tie you down or weigh you down from exploring what else life has to offer. Because there may be much more out there to offer than what you've explored before.

On the other hand, if Turtle has come to remind you of your roots and where home really is which is within the "self", it is also good to take note on how you're moving through life. Do you let others inside your "home"? Do you allow people to enter your heart or are you searching for a greener pasture on the other side of a mysterious landscape?

Turtle comes to remind us that we don't need much to move through life but we do need what matters. We don't have to acquire a whole lot of material things to have everything we need.


Turtle can also remind us of how we view ourselves and the world around us. Turtle's shell is tougher than tough and protects it from most predators that would dine on its tender meat for lunch. It wears its armor so that all can see for those who think it would be an easy meal. This reminds us that sometimes we have too tough of an exterior and need to be a little more soft when necessary. In business, some of us tend to be a bit armored and protective of our personal space. We stand our ground and show we are fitted for battle if need be. But this isn't always healthy if we take that attitude out of the work place and bring it into the bedroom.

Know when to be tough and know when to be gentle and tender. Too much armor and too much of an attitude that nothing can penetrate our inner being pushes away even the most beneficial and desirable mate.

On the other hand, for those who are in a situation in which they feel pushed around by the bullies on the playground, Turtle is here to remind you that you have a natural source of protection by speaking your voice and standing your ground with firm boundaries. Are you boundaries being pushed by others? Are others taking advantage of your kindness and willingness to say yes? Turtle is reminding you that you have all the armor you need to speak your voice and stand up for yourself in a polite but firm way.

Attuning Your Perception

Turtle, once under water, is very agile and tuned in to its surroundings. Under murky water filled with plant life, fallen branches and silty sand, turtle is at home beneath the surface and navigates easily in an atmosphere that would otherwise confuse the senses. Turtles when hunting are opportunistic feeders which means, even though they may swim and search for food, it's often the fish or bugs that cross their path they lunge for and devour.

Turtle is reminding you that even though your surroundings may be a bit "murky" or confusing, take opportunities for growth as they come. It's important to attune your perception to your surroundings and better assess what works for you and what doesn't. Turtle also reminds us that opportunities cross our paths whether we go out and seek them or not. It's the natural cycle of life and sometimes waiting in the wings is exactly what we need to do. Are you taking advantage of every opportunity crossing your path? Are you seeking opportunities so much that you miss what's right in front of you?


Soak Up the Rays

Turtles bask in the sun to heat their body in order to digest their food. Sunlight and warmth is vital for survival. Turtle reminds us that even if we've eaten our fill in life, we still need the warmth of love and kindness to make it all work. So it's important to ask ourselves; are we offering kindness and warmth where otherwise we would naturally be cold temperamentally?

For example, in personal or business relationships, it's important to take time to share warmth and kindness. It's also important to remember that basking in one's glory can be good but too much of a good thing can compromise the health and well being of the spirit. A turtle knows when it's time to dive back into the cool waters for more food or relief from the heat. Taking things in stride and allowing the balance of life to take center stage does more for the soul. If Turtle has come, we need to reflect on how much we are trying to bask in our own glory or how much we throw ourselves into the heat of a situation before we realize we're getting cooked.

By keeping our ego in check and aligned with our highest good, we will move forward positively in any situation.

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nice one

Ranked #6 in Psychology

Thank you Tamrh :)

Wow, what a really great article.

Ranked #6 in Psychology

Thank you Martin ;)

Great article, shame I will NEVER find meaning for what happened to the turtle in my dream, it got pulled apart and eaten much it its and my distress!

well nice to know it s not hard times but the tertle in my dream had a face like a baby and the face was up in the shell drection and it was happy but did not play with me but other people

May seem weird but my in my dream the turtle had wings and flew at me with amazing speed trying to get me and chased me awhile through a hayfield before I woke up lol no clue what that exactly means
In my dream I was back in high school and was holding a turtle and all of a sudden it's whole head came off but it was still alive and it's mouth was still moving and the rest of it was still walking around. And in my dream it wasn't surprising for this to happen.
There were a few turtles in my dream,buone stood out. It was quite big, we were on a porch and the turtles were in a potted shrub thing. The big leapt into a tree at the edge and was looking right at me.I was calling for my husband to come and see the ninja turtle! I could not work out if it was aggressive or not. And no, I have had nothing to do with TNMTs lately!!
I was in the sea quite far from the shore. I was on a windsurf board without a sail. There were odd sharks swimming slowly around me. The water was not so clear but shallow.. Then 3 large turtles swam passed me and i observed them puzzled.
Absolutely lovely! I have been going through some painful growth and dreamed of Turtles this morning. It felt very positive and your article supported this.
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