The Predictions of Jeane Dixon: Renown Astrologer, and Psychic
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The Predictions of Jeane Dixon: Renown Astrologer, and Psychic

Jeane Dixon was one of the most famous astrologers and psychics of the 20th century.

The last article spoke of my appreciation for the work of Edgar Cayce and this article will deal with the the predictions of Jeane Dixon, another favorite of mine.  Jeane Dixon was also a psychic, astrologer, and syndicated columnist who was one of the most influential prophets of the 20th century.

Jeane said that as a young girl she visited a gypsy who gave her a chrystal ball and told her she was destined to become a great prophet (seer). She possessed the ability to convince the public of her predictions which is now known as the '’Jeane Dixon effect.”  She was a charismatic and made many predictions that came true.  For example, she predicted the assassination of President John Kennedy.  However, many more proved to be incorrect.

She thought Richard Nixon would win and then be assassinated in office thought. Her actual words to the public were it would be a a democratic president who would die in office and so that was close enough for her followers. However, the Jeane Dixon effect was the ability to predict a few events correctly but ignore the predictions that proved false. This term was first used by a mathematician from Temple University by the name of John Allen Paulos.

Ruth Montgomery’s  book A Gift of Prophecy: the Phenomenal Jeane Dixon, was a success in its time and sold over three million copies. This book helped to propel Dixon’s success. My Life and Prophecies was another best seller written by “Rene Noorbergen" which chronicaled Jeane’s life. However, Adele Fletcher, sued Dixon and received 5 percent royalties, because she claimed Dixon had taken her manuscript and rewrote it.

Richard Nixon and Nancy Reagan were avid followers of Jeane.  Nancy looked towards her for astrological predictions and Richard Nixon invited her to oval office and was particularly interested in her prediction of terrorists attacks after the Munich massacre.  He set up a committee to study the possibility.

Dixon made a few predictions about the end times throughout her lifetime.  She predicted a dispute over Quemoy and Matsu which are offshore Chinese Islands. This dispute would cause World War III, in 1958. Then she predicted the end woud come in 1962 as a result of a planetary alignment.

I used to have her book and I remember reading how she also predicted the world would end in the year 2020. There would be a voice that would be heard all over the world saying “It is done”“and then Jesus would return to the earth to defeat the Antichrist. The battle between Satan and Christ on earth would be between 2020 - 2030.  

I have to admit this eerie prediction has stayed with me all these years.  I was in my teens when I read that prophesy.

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Comments (18)

I bought an estate once, and one of Jeane Dixon's books was in there. I wonder what Dixon's final batting average was for predictions? Probably not very good.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

William I was really taken with her I believed everything she said and she was right many times, I was also only about 16 to 24 at the time

Ranked #3 in Psychology

I followed Jeane by daily column in local newspapers when I was a teen to grown woman with a family.She seemed to be more correct than not. thank you for the wonderful tribute to her greatness. Well done! voted

Ranked #23 in Psychology

You have an interesting series going here, Caol, even if I do not personally believe in astrology and the like.

Interesting topic Carol, voted and FB liked.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thanks Phonenix, Jerry the series is simply about end times predictions and how most of them did not come true as we see, there are still future ones to come though. I assume most people reading this series do not believe but I find the topic fascinating from the psychological perspective.

I wonder if she ever warned President Kennedy that he was going to die on the day he did? I hear these predictions after the fact but never remember their predictions before an event. Do you remember hearing predictions of things that happened before they happened and did they do their civic duty to warn anyone who might be hurt or killed? I'm asking because I've never knew of any.

I wonder why so many make predictions about the end of the world? They always end up with egg on their face. I enjoy your series, though Im not a believer. No one knows when the end will come except for the Father. That's biblical. I do believe that. Still, this is a very well written and interesting article.

"The battle between Satan and Christ on earth would be between 2020 - 2030." I wonder if it will be on ESPN?

Ranked #2 in Psychology

Charlene yes she did this was her prediction and remember I wrote President Nixon was also very aware of her predictions and called her to the oval office. But also remember nobody has to take action on a prediction it is not considered fact. William I have no idea but I think it will hit the news when the time comes just like the Mayan Calendar is hitting the news now

It was a joke, Carol. Actually, Dixon had her own mass-produced card game. I'm quoting from my own Factoidz article "The Amazing Kreskin and the Game of ESP": "Kreskin’s ESP had company in the late 1960s. From 1967, there’s Ka-Bala - 'The mysterious game that foretells the future,' which was produced by Transogram in 1967. Also present in the paranormal sweepstakes was Jeane Dixon’s Game of Destiny, another Milton Bradley entry which was billed as 'A Card Game of Numerology and Astrology.' The game carried the imprint of Dixon (1918-1997), one of the world’s best-known psychics and astrologers. (Two of her predictions: World War III would start in 1958 and that a Democrat would be elected President in 1960 and die in office. Win some, lose some.)..."

Very very interesting!

Interesting share..voted

Ranked #2 in Psychology

I didn't know about the card game thanks Williams, thanks Yovita and Francina

Interesting card game. Thank you Carol.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thaks paulose

Another fine piece of work.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thanks so much Martin