Techniques for Managing Stress
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Techniques for Managing Stress

Different techniques or ways to manage stress and worry in your life.

Everyone deals with stress in different ways. Many people have found themselves stressed at some time or another. When you find yourself stressed out it is best to take a minute to try to calm yourself mentally and emotionally. Stress is probably the biggest killer in the world. When someone dies or becomes ill all of a sudden, stress is usually at least partially to blame. Stress does harm to your body both physically and mentally. Some people have a natural gift of calmness about them, others find it hard to not worry or stress about every single thing in the world they can think of. Constant worry and stress can lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness and disease. When you find yourself worrying or stressed out take a minute or two or maybe even thirty minutes and try some of these techniques:

  • First Stop: Stop doing things that make yourself stressed out. You could be your own worst enemy causing undue and unjustified stress on yourself. Stop stressing yourself out by stopping bad habits like complaining, arguing, shouting, cussing, name calling and yelling. Studies used to say it was better to let these emotions out, but now they say that it's actually more detrimental to you to go off on a tangent about somemthing that probably doesn't matter anyway. Instead of reacting to a situation, proactively make yourself look at the good and the bad of the situation or your worry. Many worries come from things that have yet to actually happen. Don't worry about things that have never happened and may in fact never happen. Don't worry about the future, live in the present day. Stop and ask yourself about whatever is causing you worry, grief or stress. Ask yourself this question: Will this matter to me in a year, five years, ten years down the road? What seems like a huge deal today probably won't make a huge difference in your life a year from now.
  • Love: Show more love, patience, kindness and affection toward others and yourself. Give yourself a break. You're not perfect, no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Accept that you are human and you will make mistakes in your life. Don't stress over things you cannot change. Try to learn to accept the things you cannot change. Look on the bright side again, most things in life have a silver lining. Practice showing more love for yourself and for others.
  • Walk away: If you're in an argument or you're really stressed out walk away from the situation or the thing stressing you out and give yourself a break. Go outside and take a run or walk, go sit in your car or sit outside on a bench and give yourself some alone time to think. Sometimes it's better to just let things go, turn the other cheek and let things slide off your back easily. Don't hold onto grudges or hate, they will only tear you down and cause you undue stress, instead of the other person or thing in which you don't like.
  • Use the counting method: When you find yourself ready to go off on someone or just ready to go off because you are so stressed out, take a minute and count to sixty. Count to one hundred if you have to, just give yourself some time to focus on something else other than your worry or stress. Try not to get so worked up over things that may cause you stress. If you know certain things or situations cause you stress, avoid these things or situations or learn to deal with them in a better, less stressful way.
  • Distract yourself: This is similiar to the counting method where you are basically distracting yourself to calm down to where you can think about things rationally again. Good ways to distract yourself and relax are to listen to some music, watch tv or a movie, surf the internet, read a book, write in a journal, play a game or make something like a scrapbook or some type of arts and crafts project.
  • Be Thankful: Stop and humble yourself. Remind yourself you probably don't truly have it as bad as you think. Look around you, everyone is struggling, everyone struggles and pushes through life. You are not alone in your struggles and you probably have something to learn from them. Be thankful that it could always be worse. You could always be in a worse situation. If you came from a bad situation in life and you have moved past that look at what you've accomplished. Think of all your life's accomplishments and how far you've come. Be thankful for everything you do have and do not waste another second worrying about what you don't have or what others have. Realize that it could always be worse, trust me when I say this because I know from my past life could always be worse, be grateful you are where you are right now. Just when you think it can't be any worse than it already is, that's when life can surprise you. One of my motto's in life has always been: Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.
  • Breathe Deeply: Calm your nerves by breathing deeply. Take several deep breaths and let them go slowly, close your eyes and think about absolutely nothing. Then close your eyes and go somewhere else in your mind. Do you like waterfalls, the ocean, the mountains? Imagine yourself somewhere else, carefree and happy.
  • Care for Others: Genuinely care about others and their needs and happiness. This doesn't mean you have to neglect yourself in the process, but you should try to give of yourself more often. Be more selfless and less selfish. Helping and caring for others has a way of making your stress in your life melt away. Knowing that you're helping someone else and actually caring about another's wellbeing can help make you feel better and less stressed out all the time. You can make a difference by helping others and if you do help others you are proving that you are making an actual difference in the lives of others, you can actually see the real impact you have on the world.
  • Care for Yourself too: Pamper yourself every once in a while to a special treat, especially if you're really stressed out. Get a massage or acupuncture. Get a manicure, get your hair cut and styled, put on some makeup, buy a new outfit, go out to dinner and a movie, just do something that makes you feel good inside and out.
  • Yoga, Meditation, Exercise: Try yoga, meditation and/or exercise to help yourself relax more and stress less. Exercise can keep you healthy and help you relieve stress at the same time.
  • Talk to Someone: Talking to someone about your feelings, your life or your situation can help relieve stress because you are able to get it out in the open and finally let someone else know you are suffering. Vent your frustrations and rant if you must, just don't go off on the person you're talking too. Choose a close friend, your spouse, close relative, a pastor or a counselor to have a conversation with about your stress and what is causing it. If it is generalized stress talk to someone about what makes you the most worried overall.
  • Get out on a regular basis: If you stay at home constantly or have the exact same routine everyday or most days it may be important for you to get out of your routine so you don't feel trapped. Do something spontaneous at the very last minute or change up your routine for a day or two, anything to break the norm. Sometimes people who don't get out of the house much feel isolated and trapped, which can cause stress and worry. Get out of the house and do something different which may make you feel better. Having a new experience can be rewarding and comforting too.
  • Stop being negative: Have pure thoughts. Ask yourself if you would be okay with letting the whole world know about your thoughts and actions. Start being positive in your thoughts and actions instead of negative. Negative thoughts have a way of creeping in when you don't want them to. Think about two positive things for every one negative thought you have. Know in your heart and mind that in the end it will be okay no matter what happens.
  • Don't wait to be rescued: Don't count on or wait to be rescued by someone else. Your happiness is in your hands only. True happiness comes from within and from having trust and love.
  • Go to Church and read the Bible: If you are religious then go to church more often and read your Bible more often. When you are stressed go to your Bible and God for help. Have an ongoing relationship with God. True joy comes from the trust and love of God. Going to chuch, hearing and reading the word of God and having a relationship with God can relieve and remove your stress. You could also talk to other people in church about stress and how God can help you through it.
  • Pray: When all else fails, you always have prayer. If you practice a religion then pray to God that he will relieve you of your stress and help you to cope with life better. Pray to God about your worries and ask Him to take them for you. Know that God is watching and sees and hears all. God will give you peace in your heart and your spirit so that stress will melt away and not come as easily as before. Tell the Devil or evil thoughts in your head to go away or "get behind thee." Remember in times or worry or stress that "This too shall pass...".

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Wonderful write and absolutely true! Great hints to a better life.

Wonderful, concise and filled with information

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