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Psychology Forum & FAQ

Last answer by New Energy 57 months ago +0 votes:
This is a really weird dream and I believe it shows that you were deeply by your father's sudden death. If you are interesting in learning more about dream interpretation you can read: I had the strangest dream...: The dreamer's dictionary for the 21st centurty more
Last answer by +Paulose 59 months ago +0 votes:
When the nerves are affected by physical and psychological disorders, both body and mind are affected. Fatigue and chronic stress are the main reasons for them. In the modern technological lifestyle stress has become an inevitable part of daily life. Stress is not a single feeling or emotion. It is caused by various factors. Stress is contagious. one man’s stress may affect others. It is nec... more
Last answer by Glenda Fabillar 66 months ago +0 votes:
This is a personal question addressed to only one person, Carol.  What does she think?  Now if I were to answer that question I'd say when majority of the population in this world are afflicted with some sort of menta illness, then the issue becomes everybody's concern.  The world will no longer move normally when it is run by mentally ill inhabitants. more
Last answer by Daughter of Maat 66 months ago +0 votes:
Yes it does make sense, and in fact I've been using vitamin E. Since the vitamin E is gooey, it reminds me of what I'm doing, but I haven't been able to stop yet lol. Thank you! more
Last answer by Sy Kravitz 67 months ago +1 votes:
From what I read, they were close at one time. In fact,it seems they were together discussing coincidence, when a book fell of a book shelf. This led Jung to the idea of synchronicity, it is said, and Freud along a different path. Their life story is another example of history that could become a compelling movie. more
Last answer by B W1 67 months ago +0 votes:
Hi Samantha, I am a counselor and would suggest that you attend family therapy. This way your daughter won't feel she is being labeled as a 'problem,' and will be supported. A therapsit may also be able to give you professional advice about how she can deal with her anger in an effective way. Family therapists look at the behavior of all members of the family which may be contributing to problems.... more