How to Look for the Simple Bare Necessities of Life
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How to Look for the Simple Bare Necessities of Life

Learn ways to appreciate the joys in life as they come to you, without taking anything for granted.

Live your life to the fullest, but don't fill yourself up with the expectations of what is bigger is better.  The grass is not always greener on the other side, and too many people make the mistake of overlooking what they have before it is too late.  In short, embrace the joys of life. How is it possible to enjoy the simple things in life?  Well, for starters, don't live such a busy life that you don't have time to be observant of everything around you.  If you are, you are missing out on one of the biggest benefits you could ever have!  When was the last time you strolled outside for a walk, picnicked at the park, or sat beside a soothing fountain?  Being in nature helps tremendously in distracting you from your troubles, and bringing your mind to focus on simple thoughts.  Those stresses you carry around melt away - at least temporarily - and you are given the opportunity to see God's handiwork around you.  How could you not help but be blessed when you take it all in?  Watch the birds and their young, or see the fragrant flowers dance in time to the wind's tune.  Such things are a balm to the soul, reminding you that your life is in God's hands, and He is caring for everything in the universe. Another way to enjoy simple pleasures is by spending ample time each day recounting your blessings.  That's right, make a list of things you're thankful for - answered prayers, unexpected surprises, or whatever comes to mind.  Who says it has to be something done only at Thanksgiving?The point is to never have things to run out of, because every day itself is a blessing, whether you have a bad day or a good one.  Each day is special because YOU are in it!  You might not have a lot to report at first.  That's ok.  Come up with at least 3 per day.  Do this for a week, and increase by 1 or 2 each week.  Before long, you won't have to struggle as much to add more to your list.  And when you find that you are having a bad day, look at that list to remind you of what you've come through. Lastly, do something selfless.  Volunteer in a soup kitchen or with a church ministry.  Help your neighbor clean out his garage.  Teach a child how to ride a bicycle.  No one says you have to do something extraordinary to make a difference - however small, your gesture can mean the world to someone else, and the joy that they exhibit is catchy.  You cannot help but feel blessed by seeing them happy, and you'll learn to appreciate what you have when you see someone else in need.

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