Eleven Directives and Lessons for Emotional Wellness
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Eleven Directives and Lessons for Emotional Wellness

Eleven directives and lessons for emotional wellness can help save time and energy. Instead of travelling down a life path of pain and anxiety, people can change direction and follow a path to happiness.

There are certain rules or directives which can help you get through life's twists and turns unscathed. They are wisdom gathered from ancient philosophers, life lessons learned by everyday people, and knowledge gleaned from psychological studies.

  • Don't try and change that which is not within your power.

Struggling to alter things which you have no control over is a waste of time and emotional energy. Knowing when you are in command of a situation, or need to sit back and make the best of an unfolding experience which you have no means to change, can save you a great deal of frustration and angst.

  • Your perception of experiences makes them positive or negative

How you choose to think about things alters how you perceive them. A bad experience need not be entirely negative if you decide to learn from it and emotionally grow, where-as if you wallow in pity you're unlikely to gain anything positive as an outcome.

  • It's okay to be wrong

Being wrong and failing is an opportunity to learn. Embrace failures, rather than berating yourself, and decide to see them as a gift to help you alter things positively in the future.

  • It's fine not to be liked

This can be a tough lesson for people who have made it their life's mission to be accepted and loved by everyone. While being liked is great, it isn't always necessary for your happiness. What's more, you don't genuinely like everyone you meet either do you? Why spend time fretting that a person you have nothing in common with doesn't find you likable?

  • What worries you today may not mean a thing in a while

If you are overwrought with worry about something, remember that in a few years you won't give it a second thought. What you sighed over and cried over may be insignificant to you later on down the line.

  • Dwelling on the past is futile

Some people spend years going over and over the past, thinking about what might have been, about what they could have done better, and about things which caused them pain. However doing so is a waste of time, as you can't go back and alter the past. The best thing to do is learn from past mistakes, be grateful for the gift of learning, and let painful memories disappear from view.

  • Don't be so serious

It's worth smiling and laughing often, because when you do your brain releases the feel good hormone serotonin. Laughter is healing, so much so that some hospitals even hire clowns to come and make patients laugh so they don't take up hospital beds for too long.

  • What you focus on is what you get

What you set your mind to will affect your experiences in life. If you focus on debt for example, you'll forever be thinking about scrimping and scraping out an existence. However, if you think about abundance, you'll be more likely to spot opportunities to make money. The same is true of happiness.

  • Have a dream

Recognizing your purpose in life, or creating one if none is immediately apparent, can give your life direction and meaning. Don't be afraid, not only to dream, but to work towards achieving what you really want in life. What are you waiting for?

  • Helping others also helps you

Studies show us that when you help other people you feel good, and this can lead to happiness. Helping to make other people happy can result in your own happiness increasing as a result.

  • Pain is a message for you to wake up

Pain, whether its emotional or physical is a message to signal that change is needed. Human beings have a habit of developing life patterns. When a situation keeps occurring again and again and it's painful, this is a signal that something important isn't being addressed. Until you learn why a repeat scenario is going on, it will keep happening.

For example, people complain that they keep meeting the same type of man or woman and having a poor relationship. They get treated badly each time, and in a similar way. They end up thinking this is how life is meant to be. Instead, the next time a bad relationship occurs they need to break the pattern by learning what's on offer. Perhaps they need to behave differently in order to illicit a different outcome.

Being mindful about life lessons and directives can help you stop wasting time on pain and suffering, and give you more energy to put into experiencing joy and happiness.

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Comments (8)
Ranked #17 in Psychology

Excellent! Learning much in here, i love "emotional wellness." thanks Bridget.

Ranked #1 in Psychology

Thank you very much Ron

I do find the not being liked part very difficult. i know we can't control that but it's not nice to realise someone doesn't like you. Excellent article, buzzed up x

Ranked #1 in Psychology

The not being liked part is difficult I agree. However, people on your wavelength will always like you anyway :) Thanx for the buzz up

I love this post because it not only addresses the feelings we have, but it offers options for nurturing ourselves through to the feelings we want.  Thank you for doing/sharing this work. I am also an emotional wellness educator, and I think it's a topic we can never explore enough.  Keep sharing!

"Pain is a message for a wake up"-

 I find that in  relationships, I talk myself out of knowing what Im hurting about (what pains me), because Im afraid to address it (up close and personal)  

Ranked #1 in Psychology

Thanks for the comments Akilah (gratitude for the encouraging words) and Rae. Rae, I think the feelings you describe are common, so you are not alone. Many people naturally try to avoid looking at what pains them, and indeed, this can result in prolonging pain itself.

Thank you for expressing these important insights so beautifully! I'm so excited that emotional wellness if finally starting to get the level of recognition it should have.  More and more people are realizing that being physically well or financially stable is not enough if their emotional wellness in not being prioritized.  I loved these tips--thank you!