Does God Judge Us by How We Dress
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Does God Judge Us by How We Dress

how God judges us, Does God care how we dress for Church

Religion has always been a difficult subject with most people and everyone does seem to have their own thoughts and beliefs. How we feel spiritually should be a personal reflection of our inner selves. It is usually a matter of how we were brought up, and what was instilled in us as children; but even then, as adults we make our own decisions on who to worship, where and how.

I have a story of two women who recently (last Easter) woke up that beautiful morning, got dressed in their Sunday best and, though they did not belong to a regular church that they wanted to attend, they did feel the need to worship at a nearby house of worship. In their area were two darling small town churches. The church they went to turned them away because, even though they were dressed in beautiful pastel Easter suits and heels, they were pant suits and not dresses.

God we have been told is a forgiving non-judgmental God who loves and accepts us all, equally. God may not seem to judge us but in this very complicated world, His people or those that claim to be, are extremely judgmental. Is that fair? Should someone who wants to pray and worship be turned away because a man is not in suit and tie and a woman in a dress? That is very hypocritical.

We should all have some common sense when going to our own House of Worship when it comes to certain attire . . . hence, not wearing short shorts, dirty holy clothes and so forth . . . On the other hand, should a homeless person who only has the dirty clothes on his back, or is black, white, gay, straight, be turned away from the House of God?

What is happening in our critical world that we are not allowed to worship where we choose because of the thoughts and judgments of the congregation? Even in the Catholic Church, at one time women had to wear dresses and something on their head for worship but those rules no longer abide. As it goes with children and school, turning no child away who wants to learn . . . no one should ever be turned away who wants to Worship God, no matter what the denomination.

It is hard to fully understand why many folks worry about who loves who, who marries who, who worships who . . . and now get turned away from a House of Worship by how we dress. Truly that is not God’s choice.


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Comments (8)

Susan, this is the first time I have ever heard of a church turning away someone because of pants suits - did you hear of this happening any where else? This could be a solitary or unusual occurrence - a true church does not turn away anyone by the clothes or dress they wear although they usually require shoes for health purposes. I've been going to different churches all my life (a long time!) and have never seen anyone turned away for their clothes. Although the Catholic church at one time did require a head covering in church, they never stated you had to wear a dress to church and I've been a Catholic all my life and never heard that one. I wore slacks many times - still do. Maybe they meant uniforms to Catholic school which many schools do. My interfaces with churches is that they are more lenient with congregations because of the decreasing numbers of people going to churches, and make more allowances in dress codes than they use to. I live in a tourist area and you wouldn't believe what some people, especially women wear to mass. It's enough to make you feel uncomfortable. But we are there to worship, not stare at our neighbor. It might be that the church you speak of is a cultish or highly judgmental institution.

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I too grew up Catholic and changed to the UCC after I married and having kids. With both I have never felt such dress codes either other than Catholic women at one time had to wear something on their head. I myself could not believe when I heard these two suited men turn away two well dressed women away from church. I know it was not a cult church. Maybe a Baptist type church. At any rate, people should be able to worship where they choose and though a person should not show up indecent, there should be no dress code when wanting to pray.

Lovely article Susan - I enjoy your fresh and enlightened perspectives - keep it up!

I agree 100% with you Susan; God doesn't care what we wear when we worship and these men were totally wrong for doing what they did. Jesus concentrated on the poor and downtrodden; many were in tattered clothes. I hope these men aren't involved in church activities anymore!

Jesus said, "All come to me as you are". He died for all not just the rich people. He cares enough for the poor people that he tells us to care for them like they were our own. My mom goes to a church that you have to wear dresses. I was brought up this way but after I moved out I seen what really mattered to God. God wasn't interesting in what I was wearing but that I knew I was in need of a real Savior. I say everyone come to him just as they are. God bless everyone!

You are so right clothes does not make the man or woman.

That's a nice and educative article. Many religious cults still segregate the kind of cloths you wear into their church building.

Very unique topic to talk about. I do believe that God doesn't judge us by our looks or appearance, although there is a role of showing respect by following some dress code and manners to call Him.