Being Shot in a Dream: Methods, Meanings and Interpretations
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Being Shot in a Dream: Methods, Meanings and Interpretations

Learn the different interpretations and scenarios of what it means to be shot or be a shooter in a dream.

What Dreams Can Mean

Being shot in a dream can provoke anger, fear and a lot of confusion but there are practical ways to understanding and interpreting exactly what it means, especially if these types of scenarios are recurring.

As the dreamer, we often feel victimized, or hurt by the hands of another. Sometimes in these dreams we actually experience death but most often, it is the impact that is strongest component.

How we are shot, by what, and by who can give us different meanings.


Being shot with an arrow or multiple arrows often leads us to question challenges, conflicts and difficulties with matters of the heart. Many traditional images portray a heart with an arrow drawn through it, or even picture the romantic notion of Robin Hood shooting an arrow into a bulls-eye for his honor and to win the love of his Maid Marion. However, some dreams portray very different scenarios such as those with a historical context of axes, arrows, and stones.

If someone is shot with a single arrow and can see the assailant, the interpretation would lead to a competition or rivalry, including undertones of jealousy when it comes to a relationship or partner. Who is it that is trying to attach to their already taken loved one? Or how about having to fight for the attention of another who has not yet become a partner to them? What is it about love that has such an impact that it could spark rivalry?

If the dreamer is shot with multiple arrows, this would indicate feeling bombarded by matters of the heart. This could be jealousy but often, this would indicate harsh words or judgments by friends and family members that pertain to a chosen mate. For example, a daughter-in-law that his family dislikes and makes verbal jabs against her to him. In a sense, this is a battle of words but can be overwhelming and cause emotional "bleeding" or even death to the relationship.

If the dreamer is the one who is shooting arrows, he or she needs to ask themselves who it is they are trying to compete with. Where is there a need for such a battle? What emotions are they suppressing that could be "shot" out one day when they lose their temper? What do they have to fight so hard for when it comes to love or companionship?


Guns have a similar context in the fact there is some form of conflict but guns represent something different. Instead of matters of the heart, guns represent dominance or a fight for survival and usually this pertains to lifestyle, social status or even career. Guns represent quick-to-action responses and defenses and depending on the type of gun or how many gunmen there are, the dreamer can determine the seriousness of the fight.

If the dream takes on an urban appeal with gang members or a type of gang mentality with assailants shooting to kill the dreamer, the tone of the dream comes across as the dreamer feeling overwhelmed by the majority and gives in to the imaginings of his or her biggest fears. The dreamer in life is being overwhelmed, overworked and feels weaker against the majority. Urban areas represent something manmade rather than natural so this can be more of a fight for survival of a financial status, social status or position of some kind that competes with the fellow man.

In a natural setting such as field, mountain, or park area, the dreamer is stepping into an environment that is cognitively very natural and familiar. For example, they are on familiar territory, even though in the dream they may be navigating through scenes they don't recognize. Nature and the outdoors reveal who the dreamer is in a natural setting. So if the dreamer is the one being shot but cannot see the gunman, this shows that it is natural for them to feel stricken, shot, or hurt by others words.

It is natural for them to be on the defense, watching every move that others make and keeping others at arm's length. If the dreamer is the shooter and cannot see the target, it shows a similar defensiveness but they feel they are the one in control of the situation.

If the dreamer is a shooter but is hunting an animal in a dream, this shows a need to survive, and the instinct to do whatever it takes to survive. If the dreamer is watching an animal get shot, it shows in real life they are surrounded by others who are willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Depending on the reaction the dreamer has to the animal being shot, he or she will know whether or not this is an ally or adversary.


Tanks or Bombs

This would represent a conflict with political power, political or governmental organizations or policies. If the dreamer is the victim, then it would be interpreted that the dreamer feels victimized by these organizations and it's come down to a fight for survival. Or, if the dreamer is riding in a tank or operating a bombing system on a large scale, it would be interpreted that the dreamer in real life is willing to wage war against a nation, government or policy for a moral victory, or to stand up for a noble cause.

In a Car

If the dreamer is in a car and is being shot at, then it shows they are moving through a situation that is a really close call with someone or something they are in a conflict with. Depending on if they get away determines the outcome or projected outcome in real life. It's a narrow escape. Or, if the person is in a parked car and is shooting at a target who cannot see them, this shows in real life they want to confront someone or something but haven't done so yet. This is more of an emotional release dream to release frustration over a situation they are conflicted by.

In a War

Sometimes, on occasion, people will dream of being shot in a war. Depending on the nature of the dream, this can potentially be a deep soul recall memory of a past life experience. Sometimes however, this can represent an individual feeling at war with an agency, an ideal, a country, a policy and so on. It represents something much bigger than they are, but they are not alone in the fight.


For those who dream of being shot and dying from it often experience a conclusion, possibly finality to whatever conflict they have been at war with. If the dreamer is the shooter and the target is killed by their shot, it shows they are the ones who are ending whatever conflict has been experienced.

Dream Interpretations Conclusion

As you can see, there are many way to interpret a dream. Sometimes we can wake up in a cold sweat, shaking, and scared because of a dream we had. Other times we wake up feeling great because of the dreams we had. Interpreting dreams is of course not an exact science, but there is plenty of evidence that suggests that dreams are all about issues that worry us in life. Our subconscious and dreams can tell us a great deal about what concerns all of us in life.

Other dream interpretation articles I've written about on Knoji which can be accessed through my profile are:

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Comments (32)

Very interesting analogy and very well-well written, too. This is good to know. I have read other articles written by you on dream interpretations and can relate to many of them. Thanks for posting...Voted

Ranked #6 in Psychology

Thanks so much Donata. It's a funny thing because often I'll write a new dream interpretation article and then I'll have a dream about one of them which answers my own question before I have it. I appreciate all your support and votes!

good article. I got a dream like I was falling from the top of a building once when I was probably 9 years old. I got the same dream almost after 10 years. What does this dream mean? Coincidentally, I almost fell from the 3rd floor of a building when I was 2 yrs old before my father saved me. Does this incident have any connection with the dream? i couldn't remember the incident... however, even now, my family members talk of that incident. Please tell me the meaning of this dream.

Ranked #6 in Psychology

I suppose it would depend on whether or not the dream ended in death and also if the details were exact. But I would have to say that perhaps it's a bit more complex than that. Possibly you are having two things happen at once. Falling in dreams is common. Falling in dreams in which death concludes the dream is a little less common but many people experience it. Also though, your actual fall at the age of 2 could be a repeat experience from a past life in which you actually did die from that and in this lifetime, you are repeating the experience to have a different conclusion. I feel they are a time marker if they do pertain to past life experiences that left an imprint on you that remained part of your soul signature this time around. I know that I drowned in past lives and I believe I also died of suffocation in another. In this lifetime, I have always been claustrophobic and I believe it is a fear imprint that is related to my past life memories that stayed with me. But understanding the root to where these come from help us release those fears, anxieties or residual emotions that can affect out health and well being.

Thanks a lot for that.. But how do we know what we did in the last birth. Is there any method to find who/what I was in the last birth or what kind of person I was?

Ranked #6 in Psychology

You're welcome. Some people choose to do guided meditations that are led by people such as myself who either use soft techniques of hypnosis or some people choose to use meditation CD's that use regressive techniques by slowing the mind, and leading people backwards from 10-1. And then there's also repetition with traditional meditation or meditation that is strongly visual in which people can connect with their guides in spirit who can deliver that information as people are ready. I like to do guided meditations for people to raise their vibration, keep it visually stimulating and move them through a little quicker rather than lowering the vibration and mental engine that can create regressive techniques that are painful or emotionally disturbing to recall.

Nice article

Ranked #6 in Psychology

Thanks Herman :)

Well explained.

Woww! A few days ago I had a dream about being shot in the face and lower back with multiple arrows by what looked like an army or guards at a palace. I almost died but a friend dragged me away. Just last night also, I had another dream about being shot in the lower back again but i cannot remember by what or whom. All I know is that in both dreams the shot felt painful and real.In reality I am in love with this guy but had to end the relationship because he is way older than me and my parents would not accept it. Could my dream be telling me something??

Debbie Edwards.....I had a dream which were i was in a maze of some sort, an i was fighting off evil things some clowns some others i can\'t even discribe. The maze was as if it was a office cube type maze wiith doors an weapons (not making any of this up at all.) As i to to another room it is was if i am at home i sit down on th couch an my tv comes on i find the flipper (remote) an can\'t turn it off, then to black figures sit next to me on the 3 seated couch, i stand up frighten with the fact they came from no were more i tryed to figure out what they were they got blury an more an so on ect. i Yelled whats going on, why? what? How come you are here? They respond with don\'t worry about it, they pull handguns from their pants shoot me as they shoot someone or something opens my door were i live an just got bright an then i woke wrote everyhing down........PLease help me understand why of this my email


I had a dream lastnight about parking my truck outside of work and a man tried to clorophorm me and put a gun to my head!! i some how held my breath long enough for him to think i was passing out then headbutted him knocked him out and got away.. in the mix of our fight he shot me through my shoulder. i managed to get to the door where my boss seen me and called an ambulance.. while waiting i stripped my shirt and salted my wound. after waking up in the hospital the room was full of family and close friends. the wierdest part was my father being in the room, him and i havnt spoken in a while in real life and in the dream i wanted him to leave.. it felt so real that i woke up gasping for air!!.. why? i don't understand what this could mean??

Very interesting.
What if I was the one who died in my dream?
Yes i just had a dream that i got shot in the back of my head before i got shot i was looking for my daughter and before i hit the ground i was reaching out for somebody i don't know who i was reaching out for it's like i was looking at myself dead on the ground and before i knew my body was warm it felt real and i woke up because it scared me
I dreamed my 5 year old was shot at the hands of someone shooting at my family. What does this mean? Who has these dreams?
Do you know having sex in your dreams is a strategy to input evil in your ways, blocking your chance of getting spouses or children. Do you know how often u eat with somebody in your dreams? Do you experience spider tread (cob webs) falls on your head, this could cause hatred, disappointment in expectation/ target, it could also block someone's promotion, success, etc. Consult ILE AGBARA... Call: +. Email; share this information to all friends on social media... you might be saving someone's life.
Do you know having sex in your dreams is a strategy to input evil in your ways, blocking your chance of getting spouses or children. Do you know how often u eat with somebody in your dreams? Do you experience spider tread (cob webs) falls on your head, this could cause hatred, disappointment in expectation/ target, it could also block someone's promotion, success, etc. Consult ILE AGBARA... Call: +. Email; share this information to all friends on social media... you might be saving someone's life.
Do you know having sex in your dreams is a strategy to input evil in your ways, blocking your chance of getting spouses or children. Do you know how often u eat with somebody in your dreams? Do you experience spider tread (cob webs) falls on your head, this could cause hatred, disappointment in expectation/ target, it could also block someone's promotion, success, etc. Consult ILE AGBARA... Call: +. Email; share this information to all friends on social media... you might be saving someone's life.
I had a dream recently, if you could explain this to me it would be great. I was at my house with my Mother and Sister. I was looking out the window and I spotted a dark black Mustang pull into a parking lot across the street. Two guy's began walking toward's my house. I began walking out my front door, a man with long blonde hair ran up my front step's and pulled a pistol out and shot me in my head. I then died. Everything went white and I woke up. Please get back to me, I'm shooken up about it. Thank you!
Thanks for such an interesting explanation...last night i dreamt of being shot with a gun. I even felt the pain in my abdomen and also searched to find the blood mark but I didn't die as I thought I would. Rather I was moving happily.
I had a dream I was with my 5 year old daughter and an 1 other person that I can not make out... anyway the 3 of us were trying to escape what seemed to be every single that was arpund us trying to kill us. In the midst of getting away my 5 year old got shot with a gun I assume in her left shoulder twice, side by side. She passed out but she didn't pass away.. from then on we were just basically on the run, ended up in a house hiding and then I woke up. My daughter is k8nd of in alot of my nightmares similar to this... should I be worried?
yea idk about that, but i do know that in my last dream i did kill 2 gang related men with pistols out of self defense with my assualt rifle. of course, i ended up getting shot twice. does anyone know what that can mean ?
yea idk about that, but in my last dream i killed 2 gang related men with pistols with my assualt rifle out of self defense. resulting in me getting shot twice but still surviving. may anyone tell me what that may mean? im a lil confused
Please help! I had a dream that every one in the community, had a gun,, like you couldn't trust anybody but we were all in large groups being moved to different locations, my group was being moved and another group was moving in, as my group left everyone was shaking hands with the new group with was a way of showing you were all on the same team like.. I was using the back of my hand to touch everybody for some reason, then this African American man looked at me from the other team and said you need to shake hands the right way or peopl will think you are a bad person so I then shook his hand and said sorry, went on to a room in a building my group stayed in, it was me on one side of the room and two boys on the other, then another older man can in had a book in had he sat behind me and I asked if he could move so he wasn't behide me and just kinda looked at me oddly and moved, then proceed to get up he was walking around talking to me and the others kinda waving his gun toward me as he spoke, I asked him if he could stop pointing the gun at me and, so he turned and walked toward the others, then turned back around to me and shot me in the chest I could feel everything it felt so real it didn't hurt everything got muffled and warm and I said to myself "this is it" I was going to die, that's what happened in this place if u was shot there was not helping you m, you would die, I lifted my gun and I shot him back and I then woke up scared to death! I needed to go pee and I was afraid to even get up and walk thur the house.. Please help! My email is please and thank you!!
I juuuust had a dream of a certain white male who just kept chasing me around and wanted to assassinate me. I keep running but end up being trapped in this locked room and he ends up shooting and killing me. I then see myself as an outer self soul on the news reported that I had been shot and killed. What stands out to me is this lady who helped the shooter get to me and this guy I know who calls for an ambulance and keeps trying to help me escape. There is a sense of betrayal within this dream, like I was sold out. What does this mean?
Hey Debbie what does it mean if I have a dream that some one broke into my house and I got shot in the head and died and right after that dream I had a dream I was like jumping or transporting to different places and I was in a fun kids camp then me and my friend went off and I somehow transported to the Holocaust and I was a Jew and I tried telling them I'm not a Jew but they shot me. Can you please tell me what this means.
I dreamt that I was seeing a buddy of mine off in a van. I guess he was going to prison and he switched rows and wanted e to help him run. I said No and then I got shot like 6 times in the back. I saw the gunman for a brief second then I ran. I ran through a parking lot of a church my dad used to pastor and ran behind one to the air-conditioning units. Across the street was a young teenage couple sitting in front of a whitish house not even paying attention to me. So I ran around the church down a small hill to the road and saw someone run by my left side. I jumped out and said, I surrender and he just toyed with his gun, I said it again and I felt a weird tickle on my neck and head where he shot me with like an Uzi. He shot me single shots in the back before, now it was automatic. Neck and face shot at the end. I remember saying, o hope this is a dream then woke up. Someone tell me what it means.
I keep having a dream I am shot in the back. In most of them I tell myself I might as well be shot so I can wake up. I am being shot with a machine gun sprayed bullets. It is a gang and they are entering my house. I go to lock the door but he gets in. The other gang members are outside. I tell myself lay on your stomach and be shot, to get it over with and wake up. These dreams are SO vivid, and in depth and real. I wake up terrified. I don't know how to make them stop.
Im a 17 year old guy that is a senior in high school and I got shot in the back driving away from gang member in an urban area after being done with my ACT exams and this article really is helpful to understand what i would have to fear the most... my dreams. thank you for this great analysis, its really helpful.
Im a 17 year old guy that is a senior in high school and I got shot in the back driving away from gang member in an urban area after being done with my ACT exams and this article really is helpful to understand what i would have to fear the most... my dreams. thank you for this great analysis, its really helpful.
Interesting... Hm. None of these are quite like the dream I just had, though. My best friend and I were having lunch at a restaurant, and she sees a man lurking and freaks out, telling me it's a guy that's been stalking her and threatening her. She starts getting up to leave and as she does I start pulling my gun out of my purse, and this guy pulls one first and points it at me. I manage to successfully point mine back at him and right before I say, "Don't try and shoot cause I'll kill you even if you do" he shoots me twice in the chest, and I manage to shoot him three times in the abdominal/chest area and he staggers and drops before everything starts fading to black and I slump backwards, seeing fading ceiling tiles, and as a partial lucid dreamer I'm attempting to wake myself up at this point and it's not working, but I feel my body's organs shut down and my heart stop before I successfully wake up. You said something about usually the impact being the focal point, and, having dreamed of getting shot several times before, I agree with you, but this time it was most definitely my death that was the strongest point in the dream, though the situation surrounding it feels very significant. I wish you were still answering comments, as I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.