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Cognitive therapists treat their clients by a therapy called cognitive restructuring. It is also called cognitive reframing. Clients who have irrational thoughts are taught to look at their situation from a different perspective. Albert Ellis started a therapy called rational-emotive therapy. He believed that emotions were behind the irrational thoughts that humans have.
Published by carol roach 84 months ago in Psychology | +6 votes | 5 comments
Cognitive psychology is the branch of psychology which studies how humans understand our world. It deals with our thinking processes, how we perceive the world, conceive the world, make judgments, reason, form principles and ethics and so on. A schema is the network work of thoughts housed in our brain.
Published by carol roach 84 months ago in Psychology | +4 votes | 1 comments
Dream psychotherapy has been used since ancient times as a method of healing the anxious mind. This article uncovers its mystery to show how it is still a valid and effective tool which is of much use in the therapeutic setting. Clients are often troubled by symbolic dreams and often find it easier to discuss their problems symbolically. Dreams are our way of advising ourselves what to do; they express our deepest emotions. Symbolic Dream Hypnosis helps us to explain our feelings symbolicall...
Published by Alyson Dunlop 84 months ago in Psychology | +2 votes | 0 comments
Is your boss conniving, manipulative, charming and driven to succeed? If so, they may not be a simple high-flyer. Perhaps they are a psychopath, just as a recent study suggests they could be. Psychopaths are more likely to wear pinstriped suits than prison uniforms, and they may seem quite nice until you get to know them.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +32 votes | 9 comments
This article will explain the secrets to success in life, and may even change the way you look at yourself in the mirror everyday! The main points it talks about are 'what is success', 'how do I know I am successful', 'how do I become successful' and the power of the mind and a good, but also balanced mindset.
Published by Flagged 85 months ago in Psychology | +8 votes | 1 comments
People have long suspected that their emotions can make a difference to their health. Interestingly, we have known this for a long time, as is evident in the way we speak and the phrases we use. This article looks at how we use language to link emotions and health, and explains why feelings are joined via our thoughts and how we physically feel.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +28 votes | 2 comments
We all know problem people that everyone else regards as a problem too. They are annoying, manipulative or have bad habits and take-up our time. This article is not about how to handle them, it’s about how to cope with problem people who remind us of our past and bring up uncomfortable feelings.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +20 votes | 3 comments
Stanley Milgrams study about authority and how people respond shed light on wartime atrocities. How could people blindly follow orders and hurt other people just because they were told to? Milgrams experiment showed that most people naturally follow orders, no matter what the consequences to another person is. Do you think you would behave differently? Perhaps, as the study suggests, 65% of readers would behave just like the subjects in the experiment.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +13 votes | 1 comments
Do you want to live a long and happy life? We already know you need to exercise and eat good food, plus keep your brain active, but a recent study reveals something interesting about the subject matter you may not have expected; your personality makes a difference too. Engaging in the habits of people who tend to live longer could help you to do the same.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +13 votes | 3 comments
Have you ever had an embarrassing moment in public? Like the rest of us, it is probable that you have. Being embarrassed can feel awful, and you certainly may view it as negative. However, this article might make you change you mind and start to see social blunders in a more positive light.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +9 votes | 0 comments
How could a nervous breakdown possibly be beneficial? I am sure this is a question you may ask if you hear otherwise. However, it is possible that the result of a breakdown involves a release of ego, and the emergence of the real you. No one wants a nervous breakdown, but if you have one, at least something good could come out of it.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +11 votes | 3 comments
Did you know you spend a huge amount of time thinking about life instead of truly experiencing it? This article describes what mind wandering is, and how it can be detrimental when it comes to happiness. Methods of how to live more fully in the present are also discussed. By living in the moment you are more likely to be happy.
Published by B W1 85 months ago in Psychology | +7 votes | 0 comments
Behavior therapy has many applications today. Teachers rely on behavior modification for teaching young children. Systematic desensitization is used to ease the fear and anxiety triggered by certain life situations or by phobias. Assertion therapy will get shy or anxious people to speak up and voice their feelings and opinions. Aversion therapy will relinquish maladaptive behaviors. Modeling and role playing can help certain people become confident in life situations.
Published by carol roach 85 months ago in Psychology | +7 votes | 0 comments
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