Anger As a Teenager Problem
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Anger As a Teenager Problem

Anger as a Teenager Problem

When someone hurts you, your feelings, or harm you physically, how do you react? What emotion that builds up in your body? A teenager that is not fully mature can have a mix of emotions. But one of the strongest emotions a teenager can express in a situation like this is anger. Today we see anger as a major teenager problem as this can cause major destruction, NOT ONLY TO THE INVOLVED PARTY, but ALSO OTHER UNINVOLVED PARTIES. I will explain that soon.

For now, let us look at the meaning of anger. Anger is actually an emotion related to a person that has been offended and the tendency of that person to undo that wrongdoing by retaliation. In simple words, it is a form of reaction that occurs when someone feels offended. Anger can be expressed in many ways. Facial expression, body language, physical action or aggression and may instill increase of heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline. There are generally two types of anger, and they are passive anger and aggressive anger. Passive anger is a sort of stockpiling resentments in the heart while aggressive anger can be seen as an instant reaction such as starting a fight.

Why is it that anger is associated as a major teenager problems? We all know that the teenage part of life is the hardest stage in life as there will be a lot of hormonal imbalance that cause a big bunch of teenager problems. When a teenager feels offended, he or she often gets angry. During this stage, anger is often cause by parents and peers. With parents, we see that whenever a teenager is pressured, scolded for small reasons, or beaten up, that teenager often turn into a bully in school and start expressing that anger to peers in school. This is where the "uninvolved parties" come in. Teenage girls don't contribute much to it, but rather they show passive anger.

What are the side effects of anger in teenagers? Firstly, like I said before is bully. The next will be vandalism. When a teenager is unable to express his anger to a person, he tends to express them to objects or even animals. Anger also can cause suicide. This is especially applicable to passive anger when the teenager cannot keep all the resentment in his or her heart anymore, they inflict harm upon themselves. Why do they do so? Simple, they can't stand the pressure anymore and they feel like they don't want to carry the burden anymore, so they just want to give up and end their life. There are many other effects too such at mental illness and so on.

People today especially parents, often neglect this emotion that teenagers always have and put it aside. But the fact is, it is a very important feeling that parents must try to understand teenagers so that this feeling of anger can be reduced. Of course, anger cannot be avoided, and it is also healthy to have a little anger, it indicates that you are normal. But excessive anger is a big NO. Thus, this teenager problem must be solved so that the effects I said above can be avoided especially suicide. We don't want to lose a life because of this.


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Good article, thoughtful one for parents and siblings as!