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How to Cope with Negative Psychic Vampires and Conserve Emotional Energy

Psychic vampires suck your emotional energy rather than blood. However, they are still feeding on you and leaving you tired and stressed. Learn how to protect your emotions and gain strength.

Having to deal with a negative person can emotionally bring you down if you aren’t careful. Some people are like psychic vampires, sucking up other people’s positive energy like a sponge. Like the vampires of horror stories, they do this for their own good, and it leaves the other person feeling drained and lacking energy.

The chances are that you will come across someone like this in your everyday life at some point, or perhaps many times. It may be a friend, relative, colleague or even your boss who depletes you of energy and enthusiasm, and this is especially bothersome if you have to come into contact with them regularly.

Luckily there are ways you can reduce the problem and protect your energy resources. This will leave you feeling more positive after having to cope with being around a negative person.


When you come into contact with someone who is negative imagine that you can see a bright light emanating from your body that reaches out to form an egg shape which no negative energy can penetrate. This exercise will help you mentally block out negativity so that it doesn’t affect you.

Conserve energy

Often, sensitive people attempt to help others who come to them repeating negative phrases and their problems verbally. This is commendable. However, if this sounds like you and you recognise that the same people are attracted to telling you their woes, which never seem to improve despite your best efforts, stop pouring energy into them.

When people are ready to change and let go of negativity they do so. It’s true that other people can help them when they are receptive to change, but not beforehand. You can’t force someone to look on the bright side of life and see beauty rather than misery if they aren’t ready to look yet.

The way to handle withdrawing energy from a negative individual who comes to you to emotionally feed is to stop giving helpful advice. Instead listen as you carry on with another task, and say phrases such as, ‘that’s a shame,’ and ‘nothing seems to go right for you.’

You will either discover that this is the response they’ve been looking for all along and their mood will improve, or they’ll stop bothering you and seek out another victim.

It can be tough dealing with negative people because you want to help them, or don’t know how to respond to them. Protecting your emotions using visualisation, and conserving your mental energy will reduce the stressful affects of being around negativity, and help you feel positive.

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I have come across people like this and agree with your way to handle them. Promoted

Thank-you Roberta. much appreciated