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Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-Boyfriend in Dreams- Meanings and Interpretations

Dreams with an Ex-Girlfriend or Ex-Boyfriend can represent many things from them thinking of the dreamer, or needing to reconcile and find closure. Discover the many common interpretations.

Breakups can linger with us, even for years and there usually is a period of time in which we have residual emotional release dreams about it that can help us transition through the pain or confusion. For this article, the dreams I'd like to focus on are the ones in which an ex has appeared in dream unannounced or by surprise when in waking life, resolution for the most part has already been made. So, listed below are some condensed interpretations in what it means to dream of an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

They're Thinking of You

Many people reach the conclusion of a break up differently and it is common for one partner to experience a longer time of healing and closure than the other. Assuming it is the dreamer who has reached conclusion earlier, it would take them by surprise to experience a dream of their ex but it isn't necessarily for no reason.

Just experiencing the ex's presence can pose the question of "why". Simply, the ex is still seeking an answer of some kind and the dreamer is picking up on it subconsciously. They are in search of closure although depending on the nature of the dream, it can also represent the ex's desire to reconnect and reconcile.

Overly Hostile

In a dream in which we experience backlash or hostility from our ex, it can represent that they are still angry and are working through lingering emotions that are being projected on to the dreamer. In this situation, through simple prayer or meditation, the dreamer can also project an energy of release and ask that the ex find clarity and release from the emotional turbulence so that it can be released.

If the dreamer is being pursued by an angry or aggressive ex, it can also represent the need for the ex to confront whatever emotional imprints they still have from the break up. If the ex in real life were especially an angry or volatile person, this can denote a desire of revenge from the ex. So dreamer beware.

If the dreamer finds they are the ones who are overly hostile in a dream with their ex, it can represent emotional energies that were not fully dealt with at the time of the break up and it alerts the dreamer to confront their own experience of feeling victimized or betrayed so that they can receive healing and release.

Passionate or Sexual

To engage in sexual or passionate activities in a dream with an ex, especially if the dreamer is currently content can represent a couple things. One, the subconscious self is reflecting on the chemistry they have previously experienced with their ex that was pleasurable which doesn't necessarily mean anything except that it is a sexual release dream. However, with a dream in which there is not only passion, but intense emotion, it can also represent a subconscious desire to reconnect to their ex even though they have moved on.

A dream like this can indicate a heads up that the dreamer could possibly experience an opportunity to reconcile or reconnect with the ex under positive circumstances that could lead to reconnecting sexually.

Depending on what kept the relationship together in the first place, this can be an indication that the relationship had chemistry, but potentially lacked intimacy in other areas. Sex was a strong point of the relationship.

If the passion is expressed on both sides in the dream and it has a strong vivid context to it, it could actually represent both people reflecting on this at the same time in their own private lives.

Eye Contact

In a dream in which an ex appears but from afar, and is not making eye contact, this signals to the dreamer that the other person has moved on and they are no longer visible in an emotional or psychological way for the ex. How the ex behaves can be a strong message on where they currently stand in their life on the perspective of the relationship.

In a dream in which the dreamer and ex are face to face but the ex still doesn't make eye contact, this would indicate that the ex still won't face the situation as it is. Denial is strongly present. In a situation in which they look down more than look away, it shows they are looking down on the situation or relationship as it was. How they view it is negative. However, if they look up above the dreamer more than away, and still don't make eye contact, this can represent the ex seeking counsel or advice through prayer and still looking for a way to see what's right before their eyes. In a dream where the ex looks away side to side and rests their eyes on someone else, especially of the opposite sex, this can simply show the dreamer that their ex has their eye on someone else. Now, if this dream under this situation takes place during a time in which they were still together, it can indicate that the ex already had their eye on someone else and it's a way for that to be made visible.

If there is direct eye contact without speaking, then the ex is ready to see or face things as they are.

In Distress

At times, a dream will come in which an ex is in trouble and is crying out for help. Depending on the circumstances, it may actually be true in the present moment. Considering there used to be a strong connection and tie to that person, it wouldn't be unheard of to still be connected enough to pick up on the distress signal of an ex if they are in current need of help.

if the dreamer is the one in distress in the dream and the ex is there to witness it, the same can be said from the previous paragraph, and can be interpreted in reverse.

Small Details

With a dream such as this, it's important to pay attention to the small little details surrounding the bigger picture because often, they will be random things that will happen in our waking life as a way to mark a time period or location and by doing so, those little things validate the stronger message. It can also represent that both the dreamer and ex are on the same wavelength in their life and are able to feel each other still.

Everything means something; all things sensory such as colors, sounds, temperatures, and even times of season that bring the dreamer to pay attention to whether or not it is a precognitive message or takes place in the present or past.

As always, write everything down and pay attention to the surroundings. Are there other people? Where does it take place? Is there something else you need to see or be made aware of?

In Life and Death

If the dreamer dreams of an ex who has passed away, this can be a very special reunion in which the ex has returned in a dream to reconnect and let the dreamer know that he or she is okay. The more emotional or distressing the dream is, the more likely it is an emotional release dream. However, the more positive and visual the dream is, the more likely it is to be an actual visit from the other side.

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