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Charles Manson and the Manson Family: Entering the Mind of a Crazed Killer

One of the most celebrated criminals of all time is Charles Mansion who made headlines with the Tate/Lo Bianca murders. This article is part of a series. It attempts to demonstrate the crazed rational for the murders by showing the readers Mansion's twisted mind, and his plot to destroy the world.

He may be 77 years old today but he is still a cold-blooded murder conspirator who has used the excuse to destroy of the world as an excuse for killing innocent people.  Most people remember the infamous Charles Manson and the Manson Family.  Through the years Mansion has made news even behind bars. He has sent threatening letters to the families of his victims and more.  There is no way this lunatic would ever be paroled.

Charles Manson orchestrated the Tate/LA Bianca murders even though he didn’t commit the murders himself. He had his drug crazed family of misfits do the horrendous crimes for him. Charles Manson took a Beetles Song called Helter Skelter to be the justification for his crimes.  For him Helter Skelter was the race war he believed would annihilate humankind.  Again we must look at the backdrop of the times he was living in.  It was the 1960’s and it was the time for the civil rights movement in America.  In Manion’s twisted mind, the Black men would rise up against the whites because they could not have access to white women.  Manson and his drug crazed hippie followers from Haight Asbury were on a mission to make all of this happen.  The master plan was that Manson family would hide out in Death Valley and wait until the race war was basically over.  Then they would emerge to rule the dumb blacks that were now left when all the whites had been killed and they would kick them in the butt.

He read into the Beetles’ song that confirmed his vision of destruction.  He was even convinced that the song held a coded message that would dictate the way he must precede.   He also drew his conclusions from Chapter 9 of the Book of Revelation. Tex Watson, family member said he know that Manson was indeed Christ.  Manson called himself the devil at his own trial.

Even before the killings, Mansion was known to the law.  In 1952 he was sent to a minimum security facility where he sodomized a young man at knifepoint. He was then transferred to a Medium Security facility and labeled as “dangerous. “ Strangely enough, he was a model inmate at that penitentiary.

In 1958 he went to jail a second time for trying to cash a forged check. By 1966 Manson had spent more than half his life in prison and when he was scheduled to be released he stated he wanted to stay there because prison was home to him now.

Once out of prison Manson was quick to relocate to Haight Ashbury and to live in an apartment with 19 other women.  He was considered one the main gurus of the hippie revolution and his practiced Scientology.  He travelled around in a van and picked up followers along the way.

In 1968 Mansion met up with Dennis Wilson a member of the beach boys.  He took up residence with Wilson and brought his harem of women with him.  Wilson introduced him to several people in the music industry such as Terry Melcher.  One of these people, Rudi Altobelli, who had rented his estate to Sharon Tate and her husband Roman Polanski was also introduced to him at the time.  The Mansion family moved to an abandoned movie set called Spahn Ranch after leaving the Wilson home.

By February 1969, Mansion vision of Helter Shelter at "the bottomless pit" which a hole in the ground that was his hidden city in Death Valley,   

The murders begin

Manson was seen at the house of Sharon Tate as early as March 1969, first claiming to be looking for someone and then demanding to see Terry Melchior whom he already knew was not there.  By May Mansion was beginning to put his plan in action and had shot a drug dealer he had stiffed to obtain money for his Helter Skelter catalyst.  In July, Manson and three of his gang went to the house of Gary Hinman to get money off of him.  The result was Manson cut off the man’s ear and his family member Bobby Beausoleil stabbed him to death.

Tate LA Bianca murders

The details of the gruesome murders can be found here.  Everyone in the Tate household was murdered.  Roman Polanski was out of town, and Sharon Tate, the movie star known for her role in “The Valley of the Dolls” was eight months pregnant. They cut her stomach open!

The Manson family murders then went to the house of Leno and Rosemary La Bianca and viciously stabbed them to death; leaving the words Helter Skelter, Rise, and death to pigs written in the victims’ blood.

Much has been written about Mansion and his gang over the years.  He has been vilified and glorified by some.  The History Channel gave a full detailed account of Mansion and various newspapers and TV shows covered the horrible story as well.

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Comments (16)
Ranked #3 in Psychology

I am glad to have read this article from your intelligent prospective.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thanks Roberta

He is one scary, crazy dude! It's amazing how a mind can get so abnormal.

Very interesting and informative. Well done friend.

Personally, I've always wondered if things mightn't have gone differently if Dennis Wilson had handled Manson differently.

there is always good and the song goes

Ranked #23 in Psychology

I remember those days well, Carol because I was actually in California when the massacre took place. I was TDY at Vredenburgh Air Force base at the time. I later read the book. You did a first-rate job of exploring this homicidal maniac's life in this article, Carol.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thanks Nobert, and Abdel, James I doubt it he had helter skelter in his mind and he would have pulled off his murders one way or another, if it was not the tate household massacre and the Lo Bianca who were just picked by mansion it would have been somebody else. Thank Charles yes that man is a real warped individual, imagine his children what they think, especially charles manson Jr. who unfortunately has the same name

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thanks Jerry, it is incredible who twisted some people can be

Ranked #17 in Psychology

Great job Carol on this well-explained article.

I remember those days and how these idiots followed this nut and committed cold blooded murder. To this day, when I see his face, it send chills up my spine. He is the anti-Christ. Voted up! xoxoxo

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thanks Ron and Diane

Charles Manson, a notorious and despicable criminal.Thanks.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thank you for reading Rama

Thank you Carol for this interesting article. Voted up. Hope to be in your contact.

Ranked #2 in Psychology

thanks Paulose